>> Bigger ships move into European-Middle East trades in support of eastbound volume growth, says MDST in an article published by Lloyds List. More.

>> Global trade is estimated to have risen by 5.1% in 2014 says MDST in an article published by Lloyds List. More.

>> SECA and lower fuel prices: extra costs or savings for shippers?  More.

>> Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study

MDST, in association with Savills, has completed the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study for the Leicester and Leicestershire Housing Planning and Infrastructure Group (HPIG).  More.

>> City logistics in Greater Manchester

MDST has built on previous work for the European Commission and the English City Regions on urban freight transport to consider how Greater Manchester (GM) could significantly reduce emissions for “last mile” deliveries in the conurbation.  More.

>> The “Euro 6 effect”

Trends in the sales of HGVs usually reflect the general state of the economy as the freight transport industry responds to the level of economic activity.  More.

>> Transport for the North & logistics in the North of England

The Scottish Independence Referendum and its aftermath have highlighted the issue of whether, and if so how, some powers should be devolved to the English regions.  More.

>> Rail Freight:  The Impact of HS2

While the debate rages about the costs and benefits of HS2 to the British passenger transport network and its economy, less attention has been paid to the impact of the new high speed rail line on rail freightMore

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About us

MDS Transmodal is a consultancy which provides analysis and advice on strategic, commercial and economic issues mainly related to freight transport and logistics.  Our work is based on the development and maintenance of a unique and comprehensive set of databases and transport models as well as the expertise of our consultants.

The consultancy was founded in 1983 and has completed hundreds of projects involving research for, and providing advice to, private and public sector clients worldwide.

10 key facts about MDS Transmodal

  1. Our expertise covers all modes of transport, including maritime and rail freight transport, road freight and distribution, urban logistics, inland waterways and coastal shipping, RORO and ferries and intermodal freight transport.
  2. We believe good data are the basis for good consultancy. For this reason, we have developed and continue to maintain global trade and transport databases which we use in our consultancy work.
  3. Our focus on quantitative analysis and our knowledge of relevant markets and transport economics allows us to develop models that simulate entire transport markets at a macro-level or the financial position of individual companies and the commercial viability of a service at a micro-level.
  4. We are both “local and global” as, although we are based in the UK, we assemble global trade and transport databases and have an international client base.
  5. In the UK market in the last five years we have worked for the UK Department for Transport, a range of property developers of railfreight distribution parks, Network Rail and the Office of Rail Regulation, most of the major ports, numerous transport and local authorities and many London-based financial institutions.
  6. In overseas markets in the last five years we have worked for the European Commission and port authorities, shippers, shipping lines and governmental organisations, carrying out projects in the Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, Slovenia, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  7. We have completed port, rail freight and air freight forecasts for the UK Department for Transport and our GB Freight Model has been used as the freight module of the UK Government’s National Transport Model.
  8. Our consultants have an average of over 20 years’ experience as transport consultants and practitioners, offering a range of expertise in transport economics, transport modelling and transport policy.
  9. Our consultants contribute to the debate on the key issues affecting global freight transport and logistics by speaking at industry conferences and seminars and at meetings of trade associations.
  10. Our work is focused on strategic, commercial and economic issues related to logistics and freight transport, including the role that logistics and freight transport can play in economic regeneration.